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January 5, 2012

Los Angeles, California

Time had passed. Zac and Vanessa had each had a birthday, and devoted all their spare time to organizing their wedding. They had gotten their final invitations out, booked the locations they wanted for the ceremony and reception, picked out clothes, and Vanessa had chosen hair styles for her and her bridesmaids. Just before Christmas, they had selected flowers, settled on the decision of what food to have, and what flavor the wedding cake would be, and bought rings for each other. Vanessa's ring was silver, and had a large 24 carat diamond in the center. Zac's was a gold band that had 'May 10, 2014' inscribed inside of it.

On the other hand, Nikki was just about to have her baby. After finding out Zac and Vanessa were engaged, she and Austin had been devastated that they obviously weren't separating anytime soon. That being said, they had gotten a tiny, dark apartment together, and decided to marry each other once they had the money. Their apartment had only one bedroom, a tiny kitchen without a microwave, a bathroom with a toilet that didn't work right, a living room that only had enough space for one couch and a small TV, and nowhere to sit to eat. Cobwebs sat in the corners of the stained ceilings, and the air conditioning the building was supposed to be providing failed to operate correctly.

It was in that apartment that Austin and Nikki were sitting down eating an expired bag of chips when all of a sudden Nikki let out a scream.

Austin screamed in reaction to hearing Nikki. "What?" he shouted when he had recovered.

"The baby's coming!" Nikki exclaimed, holding her stomach. "We need to get to the hospital now!"

"Okay. Let me just comb my hair and get my shoes on," Austin said, making his way into the bedroom. Ten minutes later, he returned to Nikki. "Alright, let's go. I think I left the keys in my car...but don't worry, it's unlocked...so we can just go right out."

Nikki and Austin went out to the car, and Austin drove to the hospital. Once there, Nikki was settled into a room.

"I'm gonna go get some food and soda," Austin announced. "I saw a visitor's room and it had free stuff in it. I'll be back in a while."

"You're not gonna stay here while I have the baby?" Nikki sounded offended.

"Of course not! I'm not sitting around with you for five hours until the baby's born." With that, Austin walked out of the room.


Two hours later, Austin returned. "Sorry I took so long," he apologized. "I also went out back to the trash dump to see if there was anything good. And I found this." He handed Nikki a newborn outfit and a beat up rattle.

"Aww, this is so cute!" Nikki exclaimed. "Our son will look great in this, and he should like the rattle." She smiled for a second before screaming out in pain. "The baby's coming! I can feel it!"

The doctor quickly rushed into the room. "Alright. Relax. Take deep breaths and push as hard as you can."

Nikki did as the doctor told her. After ten firm pushes, the baby was out.

"Eww! That's my son? He's fucking bloody and disgusting!" Austin barely got the words out of his mouth before he threw up all over his filthy hiking boots. He then let out a scream. "My shoes!"

"I'll get you a rag to clean yourself up, sir," the nurse that was in the room offered.

"All babies look like this when they're first born," the doctor explained. "But we always clean them off, so it'll be okay." He cut the umbilical cord and got a towel to wipe the baby off with. Once he was all clean, he wrapped him in a small blue blanket. "Would you like to hold him?"

"No way in hell will I hold a kid who was just covered in blood from his mother's disgusting pussy. I mean, what the fuck? It's like she's having her damn period on the fucking baby!"

"Sir, please calm down, or you'll be asked to leave."

The baby's cries filled the room.

"Would you like to hold your son?" The doctor turned toward Nikki.

"No, I'm too tired," Nikki declined.

"I'll hold him," the nurse, who had just come back into the room, offered after she handed the rag to Austin.

"Okay." The doctor handed the baby to the nurse. "So, do you guys have a name picked out? If so, I'll fill out the form for the birth certificate."

"Yes. We're naming him Aukki Rogret Blonsky-Butler," Nikki replied.

"Eww! This is so gross! Can someone else clean my shoes off for me?" Austin gagged. "Eww..."

"No, sir. You need to clean it up yourself. You're certainly capable," came the nurse's response. "And your son is gorgeous. Are you sure you don't wanna hold him?" She kissed Aukki's head.

"Do I look like I wanna hold a baby? And yes, I know he's gorgeous. After all, I'm the father." Austin smiled proudly. "And I'm the biggest heartthrob in Hollywood."

"How do you spell that?" the doctor queried of Nikki once the nurse and Austin had finished speaking.

Nikki spelled out the name.

"Okay. Now, we're gonna go take him to get weighed and measured and then would you like to breastfeed or do you want us to bring you up a bottle and formula for him? We're also gonna get a diaper if you wanna put that on him."

"You can do the diaper," Nikki said. "And also, just give him a bottle yourself. I'm not interested in breastfeeding, and I'm too tired to give him a bottle."

"Are you sure? This is the perfect opportunity to start bonding with Aukki. He'll get to recognize you as his mother and you'll get a feel for what it's like to care for a newborn," encouraged the doctor.

"I'm not interested."

"Alright, then...if you're sure, then we'll just go take him to the scale, then put him in the nursery."

"Eww! This barf is the grossest shit ever!" whined Austin. "Fuck you, Nikki, for having that dumbass baby in front of me!"

"I couldn't help it!" protested Nikki. "It just happened! But it's all over now, so just try to relax."

Austin groaned and sank into a nearby chair.


Back at Zac's house, in which Vanessa had just permanently moved into a month before, Zac was sitting on the couch looking at his Twitter account. "Hey, Ness, come here a second," he called.

"Yeah, babe?" Vanessa walked out of the kitchen, where she had been getting a snack, and took a seat beside Zac.

"What do you think of having a contest on Twitter where we have fans tweet a certain hashtag, and then somehow we pick five winners who will get a chance to go to our wedding?"

"That's a good idea!" exclaimed Vanessa.

"Okay...so what about the hashtag is...um....#ZanessaWedding. How does that sound?"


"And we'll give everyone three days, then at the end of that time, we can pick random winners? You can tweet about the contest on your Twitter if you want. I mean, I know you wanna tweet, baby girl...and your account is just sitting there abandoned, waiting for a tweet..." Zac winked. "It's more fun than it sounds. I promise."

"I'll think about it," shrugged Vanessa.

"You do that, angel." Zac smiled, then wrote his tweet about the contest and posted it.


January 7, 2012

Los Angeles, California

"I guess we're stuck taking care of this kid now," Austin sighed as he and Nikki walked into their apartment, a baby carrier in Nikki's hand.

"I guess so," Nikki agreed, rolling her eyes. She placed the carrier down on the floor beside the couch. "I'm gonna feed him since the stupid nurse was too busy to do it herself before we came home."

"Give him chocolate milk," Austin spoke. "I just bought some the other day. It'll be a lot cheaper to use than always buying baby formula...and he'll learn to appreciate flavor."

"Okay." Making her way into the kitchen, Nikki opened the refrigerator and pulled out a gallon container of chocolate milk, which she poured into Aukki's bottle.

"Oh, Nikki, wait. Before you feed him, I wanna take his picture to post on Twitter so that all my fans can see how my son looks just like me. They'll be so happy to welcome Austin Butler 2.0 into the world."

"Well, I need a minute, anyway, so go ahead."

Austin took his iPhone from his pocket and, snapping a photo of the baby, tweeted it on his Twitter account along with the caption: "Austin Butler 2.0! Isn't he handsome like his daddy?"


"Hey, Nessa, look at this," Zac laughed, handing his phone to Vanessa. "Austin just tweeted a picture of his son and he's bragging about how he's so handsome because he looks like him."

Looking at the screen, Vanessa giggled. "He's too ridiculous! And that baby is going to have one fucked up childhood. I'm so glad I broke up with Austin before I could have kids with him." She shuddered. "It would be one huge nightmare if that had happened."

"Well, you have me now, so you don't need to worry." Zac kissed Vanessa's lips. "And soon we'll be married, and adjust to being husband and wife...and then we can start trying for a baby." He began to gently suck on the sweet spot on her neck.

"Oh, Zac..." Vanessa moaned.

Zac slipped his hands beneath the t-shirt Vanessa was wearing and ran his fingers along her curves. "I'm turning you on, aren't I?" he queried hoarsely.

"Could we go to the bedroom?" came Vanessa's response.

"We don't need to...let's just do what we need to do here." Zac connected his lips with Vanessa's.

"In the hall? But Zac..."

Zac pulled Vanessa into a deeper kiss, silencing her. From there, the two of them began to show their love to one another in the most passionate way they could.

August 26, 2013
Los Angeles, California

"So I really want to have our wedding in Hawaii," Vanessa said as she took a sip of the sweet iced tea from the glass in front of her. She and Zac had arrived home from Hawaii the previous day. At the moment, they were both inside her house at the dining room table, talking over wedding plans.

"So do I," Zac agreed. "Is Maui okay with you? I was thinking it could be right on the beach at the spot where I proposed to you."

"Maui is perfect," smiled Vanessa. "And we could have our honeymoon there, too!"

"I know! That would be amazing...so, when do you want the wedding?"

"In the spring," Vanessa answered quickly.

"This coming spring? Of 2014?"

Vanessa nodded.

"Well then, we'd better start sending out invitations, because that's actually not too far away. So who did you wanna invite?" Zac grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil that was sitting in front of him. "I'd like to have my parents and Dylan, obviously." He wrote down 'Efron parents and Dylan.'

"I'd like to have both my parents and Stella...I mean, I doubt my mom will go, but it wouldn't hurt to invite her." The day after Zac had proposed, he'd revealed to Vanessa that before they'd left for Hawaii, he had gone to the Hudgens' home and spoken to her parents about it. Her dad had been perfectly okay with it, and had even shown some excitement about having Zac in the family, but her mom had been a wreck. She still hadn't gotten over her hatred of Zac since Christmas, and was even hostile toward her husband for allowing him to set foot in the house. However, Zac had made it clear that he had just come to let her and Greg know what his intentions were-not to ask their express permission, as he knew Gina wouldn't consent if her life depended on it. Vanessa had been disappointed in her mother's reaction, but not surprised, and she wasn't about to let her anger get in the way of having a happy, married life and starting a family with Zac.

"Okay." Zac scribbled 'Hudgens parents and Stella' on the paper. "And I also want to invite Dylan's girlfriend, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, Corbin, my old friends Jesse McCartney and Bubba Lewis, Kenny Ortega-since he's kind of known us since we started-Taylor Swift, Taylor Schilling, Ellen..." As he named people, he wrote them down on the list.

"You're inviting Ellen to our wedding?" Vanessa laughed.

"Why not? She's hilarious!" Zac argued.

"I know, but still...you're seriously inviting her? I mean, not that I have a problem with it, I'm just finding it sort of amusing."

"Well, I might as well. I mean, I've been on the show a good number of times. She knows who I am, and she knows you, too. So, what about you? Who else do you want to invite besides your parents and Stella?"

"Well...I think I'd want to have my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, Laura New, Kim Hidalgo, Brittany Snow, Kayslee Collins, Monique, and I'd want to have Kenny, too, but you already have him listed. And I'm still thinking about whether or not I want Ashley Tisdale there. She's kind of a BUTTler fan, and I know she creeps you out because she's liked you for so long."

"Well, it's up to you in the end," Zac pointed out. "As long as you don't invite Benson."

"No way am I inviting her," Vanessa assured. "I don't even like her anymore after what she did at that sleepover."

"I'm glad to hear that." Zac set the pencil down. "Now...do we need to pick a color theme or something?"

"Yeah. Are Wildcat colors okay? Red and white?"


Vanessa took another sip of her sweet tea, then asked, "Is me wearing shorter dress okay with you? I mean, since we're having our wedding on the beach, I just don't want one that'll drag in the sand and get all gross and dirty."

"Yeah, that's fine. I really don't care what you wear. And besides, the less complicated it is, the easier it'll be to take off when we get into bed after the reception." Winking, Zac reached across the table and laced Vanessa's fingers with his.

Vanessa smiled at Zac's actions. "And I was thinking of just going barefoot. Would that be okay with you, too?"

"Like I said before, I really don't care what you wear. Besides, you have cute feet. You could get away with not using shoes during the ceremony."

"Well then, that's settled. What are you planning to wear?"

"Um...well, considering that you're going for a more relaxed look, I might just wear a pair of black dress pants, a white button-down shirt, a red tie, and I guess I'll just go barefoot, too, since you are. The last thing I wanna do is step on your little toes with heavy shoes when it's time for us to kiss."

"Yeah," giggled Vanessa. "And I want to put some white roses in my hair. By the way, I was thinking of skipping a maid of honor since it's just a small wedding and having Laura, Brittany, and Stella as my bridesmaids."

"Okay. That's fine with me. I'll have Dylan, Jesse, and Bubba as my groomsmen. But I don't think Dylan should go with Stella in the bridal party just because she kind of creeps him out with the crush she has on him."

"They don't need to go together," Vanessa assured.

"Alright, good. So, do you wanna go out and buy some invitations today to start getting ready to mail out?"

"That would be great."

"Okay. I think it would be good if we could get them all done within the next couple of days so we can take them to the post office and have them all mailed out," spoke Zac. "Then maybe within the next month or so I can take you to the bridal store so you can pick out your dress and the bridesmaids' dresses. And I also need to go look at Men's Wearhouse for a red tie, new shirt, and pants, and also to see what I want the groomsmen to wear. Maybe you can help me with that part because I'm not good with fashion." He shook his head.

"Oh, come on," Vanessa urged. "Give yourself some credit. At least you have more sense and good taste in clothing than BUTTler does."

"I have to agree with you there. I just can't believe that he's gonna be a father soon...that kid is gonna have a very...downgraded life."

"Yeah. I feel bad that the baby has to live life with an asshole as its dad."

"I know. When we have kids, I'm gonna treat them right. And I'm gonna spoil them till they can't possibly want anything more."

Vanessa sighed. "I can't wait to have babies with you. But of course I wanna wait until we've been married for a little while and get settled in as husband and wife."

"Me, too. Oh, and that reminds me...what do you think of moving into my house permanently? I know you stay there a lot, but I think it would be nice to move in together while we're engaged."

"I'd love it." Vanessa's face lit up. "I'll have to call a realtor soon and see about selling my house...and then maybe I can donate some of my furniture to charity, and bring some to your place to store in the attic for our future children's bedrooms."

"Yeah, that's a good idea. And I'll make room in my closet for your clothes and buy you a shoe rack to hang on the wall so that you have a space for all your shoes. I'm gonna put all your girly stuff you already have at my place in the bathroom attached to my room, too, since that'll be our bathroom rather than just my bathroom."

"Okay." Rising from her seat, Vanessa went around to the other side of the table where Zac was and climbed into his lap. She then proceeded to run her fingers through Zac's hair and kiss his lips. "I love you," she murmured.

"I love you, too," returned Zac, kissing Vanessa back.

Once Zac and Vanessa were finished kissing, Zac said, "So, what do you say we start going through your stuff? I mean, you have a huge house, and it's gonna take a while to get moved out. Might as well start now."

"Okay." Vanessa slid off of Zac's lap, made her way over to the garage door, opened it, and switched on the light. "We should probably start in here. My garage is filled with junk."

"Alright," Zac agreed, going over to where Vanessa was standing. "Wow, you do have a lot of stuff in here."

"I know...I haven't cleaned it out since I moved in." She stepped inside the garage.

"Well then, let's get started!"


Four hours later, Zac and Vanessa were finally finished cleaning out the garage. After taking a quick but innocent shower together, they got dressed, Vanessa pulled her damp hair into a sloppy bun, then they both left to buy wedding invitations.

"I like these," Vanessa announced, picking up a sample invitation that was on display. It was white with uneven red blocks of color around the edges and a red glittery bow at the top.

"Me, too," agreed Zac. "And I see these matching red envelopes come with it." He pointed to the envelope that had been behind the invitation Vanessa was looking at.

"We should get these," decided Vanessa. "I guess we have to go talk to one of the employees here about getting them typed up and getting typed name labels for the envelopes."

"Yeah. Let's go find someone." Zac walked up to the main counter, and waited patiently until a young woman came over.

"Hi, can I help you, sir?" the woman queried.

"Yes. My fiancée and I would like to place an order for forty printed invitations and name labels."

"Okay. Would you like to show me the style you would like?" the woman spoke.

"Vanessa, bring the invitation over here, please," Zac called.

In a minute, Vanessa was standing beside Zac, the invitation they had chosen in her hand.

"Okay. That will be fifty cents per card if you'd like them pre-typed here, and an additional two dollars for the name labels. Is that alright?"

Zac nodded.

"Alright. Let's see then..." The woman took a clipboard and a pen from a shelf beneath the counter. "So, what are your names?"

"Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens."

The woman's face grew puzzled. "You're joking, right? I mean...you can't be Zanessa...it's not possible to have THE Zac Efron standing in front of me with...oh my gosh. It's really you! And you're really marrying Vanessa! This is the best day of my life! Congratulations! Can I have a pic with you guys?"

"Thanks," Zac smiled. "And of course you can."

The woman stepped out from behind the counter and, taking her phone from her pocket, got in between Zac and Vanessa and took a picture. "Thank you so much!" she exclaimed, hugging Zac. "I love you!" It was then that she remembered she needed to be professional. "So...where were we?" She returned to her station and wrote down Zac and Vanessa's names. "Okay, so...I have your names down...and by the way, I'm Amanda, so when you come pick them up, you can say that you placed your order with me."

"Alright. Sounds good." Zac took Vanessa's hand and laced her fingers with his.

"So anyway...what would you like the message on your invitations to be? I know you need the location and date and everything, but how do you want that worded?"

Zac turned toward Vanessa, who asked, "Could we see a calendar, please? We didn't exactly talk about a date yet."

"Sure." Amanda reached under the counter and pulled out a large calendar. "Take your time."

After some discussion, Zac and Vanessa concluded that they would hold their wedding on the tenth of May at noon. However, they still weren't sure of the exact location.

"Could we just do a preliminary invitation for now, like just so everyone can save the date?" Zac questioned. "We really didn't get a chance to decide all this, but we want to send out something as soon as possible."

"Of course you can. A lot of customers do that. We normally write something like, 'save the date,' then have all the information you want, then end it with 'more details to follow shortly.'"

"Okay. Does that sound good to you, Ness?"

Vanessa nodded.

"Alright. So what would you like your details to say as of now?"

Zac and Vanessa talked with Amanda about different options, and eventually made the choice of having their invitations read:

Save the date...

Mr. Zachary David Alexander Efron and Miss Vanessa Anne Hudgens would like to request your presence at their marriage on Saturday, the tenth of May, in the year two thousand and fourteen, and twelve o' clock in the afternoon. The location will be on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, and reception will follow nearby immediately after the ceremony.

Please RSVP at (888)-888-8888 by the twentieth of October.

More details to follow shortly.

Before they left, Zac and Vanessa gave their phone numbers and handed the list of names and addresses in so that their name labels, which ended up matching the invitations, could be printed.

"Alright, Nessa pie, wanna go stop somewhere and get dinner?" queried Zac once he and Vanessa were in the car.

"Sure," Vanessa responded. "I'm starving."

"Yeah, me, too. Wanna go pick up some pizza and fries?"

"Sounds good to me." Vanessa buckled her seatbelt and put on her sunglasses as Zac pulled out of the parking lot, then closed her eyes and relaxed. It had been an exhausting day...and nothing was expected to be easier until after the wedding was over. However, it would all be worth it when she would be able to call herself "Mrs. Vanessa Anne Efron."
January 16, 2013
Los Angeles, California

Smiling, Vanessa looked up at Zac's sleeping face, then took her hand and gently ran it through his hair. With a contented sigh, she relished the feeling of being wrapped in his arms for a minute before slowly slipping out of his grasp. She then carefully climbed off the bed, so as not to wake him, and walked downstairs. Making her way into the kitchen, she turned on the light and started a pot of coffee.

Let me make some waffles and bacon for when Zac gets up, Vanessa thought to herself. Getting out Zac's waffle pan and a large bowl, she started to make breakfast. When the waffles were almost finished, she found a frying pan and began to cook several slices of bacon.

"Oh, there you are!"

Vanessa spun around to see Zac standing at the entrance of the kitchen. "You were looking for me?" With a smile, she quickly turned back to her cooking.

"Yeah. I woke up and you weren't there, I checked in the bathroom, looked out the window to see if you went out back...but then I smelled food and figured you were down here cooking something." Zac paused. "But anyway, good morning, Nessa." Walking up to her, he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her cheek.

"Morning, babe," giggled Vanessa, turning around to give Zac a more proper kiss.

Zac smiled at Vanessa's kiss. "So, what are we having this morning? Waffles and bacon?"

Vanessa nodded, then turned off the stove and took a plate from one of the cabinets, which she filled with food. "Here you go." She handed it to Zac. "And if you want coffee, I made a pot." She walked over to the refrigerator and took out the butter. "And here's butter and..." She pulled a bottle of syrup from the pantry. "Syrup."

"Thanks, Nessa pie," smiled Zac, taking his plate over to the table and setting it down, Vanessa following him with the butter and syrup.

"Let me get you a knife and fork," offered Vanessa, setting down the things in her hands. It was only after Zac was settled with everything he needed that she got some food and coffee for herself and took a seat to eat.

"Breakfast is very good, Ness," Zac complimented, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Thank you." Vanessa gave Zac a loving gaze before biting into her waffles. When she was finished chewing, she announced, "So, I thought that if it's okay with you, I would go work out at the gym today. And if you wanna come, you can, too."

"Sounds like a plan," Zac agreed. "Then after that, we can come home, shower, and order a pizza and fries. Maybe we can eat it up on my bed so we can cuddle and watch a movie...your pick this time."

"Okay. You know I'm gonna pick a romance, right?" Vanessa giggled.

"Of course. What else would you pick?" laughed Zac. "But we watched a movie I like yesterday, so it's only fair that we see one you like tonight."


After Zac and Vanessa finished eating, they both cleaned up the dishes, fed their dogs, then went upstairs to get ready for the gym.

"No, sweetie," Zac spoke when he saw Vanessa take a sports bra from her drawer of clothes. "That doesn't have any padding. It's fine if you're just wearing it around the house or using my exercise room downstairs, but I don't want you wearing it in public."

"Why? What's wrong with it?" Surprisingly, Vanessa remained calm.

"It isn't padded," repeated Zac. "It's just a thin layer of stretchy fabric. And I don't like that. It might be comfortable for workouts, but especially after you start sweating and it clings to you, your nipples are gonna show. It's no better than wearing no bra at all."

"But everyone wears sports bras to the gym."

"Well, you're not 'everyone.' You're my girlfriend, and I don't want other guys looking at you. I want you to realize that I'll be shirtless after I get hot, and you know how horny you get when you see me working out and sweating without a shirt; and when you get horny, well, you know what happens...just wear a bra that will hide your nipples. Hardly anyone wants to see that, and the few people that do are perverts...well, except for me, but I'm allowed to go all horny on you because you're mine." He nudged Vanessa playfully. "And anyway, I only really let myself get horny over you when we're getting ready to have sex...but you're a very sexy, curvy woman, so other guys that can't have sex with you won't control themselves like that...and what if we see BUTTler while we're out? So yeah...just wear a normal bra to go out in public."

"Butler?" Vanessa's face turned pale.

"Baby girl, I'm not saying we will run into him. I'm just saying what if. You know he has a habit of showing up out of nowhere, and just in case we happen to come across him, I want to make sure you're covered up."

"Can I wear a crop tank top?" Vanessa asked.

"You can while we're working out, but I'd like you to put a t-shirt or something over it until we get to the gym. I just finished a whole talk with you about covering up, so you should understand why.

Vanessa nodded in acknowledgement. "And I'll wear my neon pink sweatpants...you know, the ones that are tighter at the bottom so you can push them up?"

"Yeah. That's approved by me." Zac smiled and took an orange t-shirt, which had the words 'Los Angeles' written on it in red, from his closet along with a pair of clean basketball shorts. He then proceeded to remove the shirt he had worn to bed.

At the sight of Zac undressing, drool threatened to escape Vanessa's mouth, and actually did as she watched him change his boxers.

"Oh, Zac..." whimpered Vanessa.

"Well, I guess my torturing is working," winked Zac, pulling up his shorts. After quickly putting on his shirt, he left the room and closed the door behind him so that Vanessa could have privacy. He knew she didn't care about it too much, but he still wanted to show respect toward her by stepping out while she changed.

Once Zac and Vanessa were finished getting ready, they grabbed granola bars, water bottles, and headed out to the car. Within ten minutes, Zac was pulling into a parking spot at the gym.

"Alright, Nessa...let's go." Zac helped Vanessa out of the car then, taking her hand, walked into the gym building with her.

"Baby boo, give me a piggyback ride, please," giggled Vanessa after she and Zac were done getting their membership cards scanned.

"A piggyback ride?" Zac let out a brief sigh before saying, "Alright; go ahead and hop on."

Smiling, Vanessa jumped onto Zac's back and let him take her into the yoga room.

"Alright, Nessa. Is it okay if I let you do your thing here while I go over to the men's weight room?" Zac queried. "I'm not into yoga that much."

"I know. You're not gay like BUTTler is," Vanessa laughed. "But yeah; I'll be fine if you wanna go do your workout."

"Okay." Zac kissed Vanessa's forehead, then left to go to the weight room. After doing a few warm-up exercises, he took his iPhone from his pocket, turned on music, laid down, and began to lift weights.


Just as Zac was getting ready to leave the room, he noticed Vanessa in the window, smirking at his sweaty, shirtless body. Teasingly sticking his tongue out at her, he put his top back on, then walked out to see her. "Hey, Nessa. How was yoga?" he asked.

"Good," Vanessa smiled.

"Awesome. I'm glad to hear that. Wanna go do ab workouts with me? Like crunches and push-ups and stuff?"

"Sure. I'll go do that with you."

"Okay. Let's go, then." With that, Zac and Vanessa both headed over to an open room where they could do their workouts.


"You know, we gotta think of a new plan," Austin was saying. He was at Nikki's house, and the two of them were thinking of a way to tear Zac and Vanessa apart...without glue puddles in the middle of the sidewalk.

"I know. Our original one failed." Nikki took a moment to consider. "You know, I can't think of anything other than you trying to win Vanessa back. I mean, that's what made her talk shit about Zac before, right? So call her. Now."

"Now?" Austin sounded surprised.

"Yes! It's the only way!" Nikki slammed her fist down on the table in front of her.

"Well...okay." Taking his iPhone from his pocket, Austin found Vanessa in his contacts list, then pressed to call her. However, he received an error message saying that his number was blocked from her phone. "She fucking blocked me."

"What? Why would she do that? Doesn't she at least wanna be friends? Now what are we gonna do?"

"Well...wanna spend some time in my bed tonight? I know I don't have abs like Zac does, but fuck that. I know how to please a bitch in bed without a hot body...well, I mean, I am hot...but just everyone seems to think Zac's hotter..." Austin smirked.

"You mean...have sex?" Nikki asked.

"That's exactly what I mean," confirmed Austin. "I've been hungry for sex ever since last weekend, when that slut at the nightclub I went to rejected my offer to fuck her."

"Well, I've been hungry for sex since...well, I'm a virgin, so I guess it would be since I was sixteen."

"You're a virgin? That means you'll still have a tight ass pussy...oh shit, I'm getting horny already. Let's go to my place so I can show you the best night of your fucking life."
January 15, 2013
Los Angeles, California

"So Nessa, guess what?" Zac began as he set down a plate full of scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and fried potatoes in front of Vanessa before going back to the counter for his own food.

"What?" Vanessa responded, taking her fork and digging it into her eggs.

"You can be cuddled today," came Zac's response from the kitchen. "A week is up." He walked back into the dining room with his breakfast and sat across from his girlfriend. "So I thought that after we eat and get ready, I'd take you bowling, then afterward we can have a picnic in the park. Then tonight once we get back, I was thinking we could cuddle up and watch a movie before bed. What do you think?"

"I'd love that," smiled Vanessa. "And by the way, breakfast is really good."

"Thanks, baby girl." Zac reached for Vanessa's hand and gently encased it with his fingers.

Just then, Puppy and Shadow rounded the corner and each hopped up onto an empty chair to beg for food. Since Zac had told Vanessa she needed to stay at his house for a while, she had brought her dog there so that she wouldn't need to get someone else to take care of her.

"Hey, Puppy!" Zac spoke, greeting his dog with a scratch behind the ears and a pat on the back. "Do you want bacon?" He placed a slice of bacon in front of Puppy, then watched as he hurriedly put it in his mouth.

"Here you go, Shadow." Vanessa put a few potato pieces in front of her pet.

Once Shadow and Puppy were satisfied with the attention they had received, they ran off down the hall together.

Zac and Vanessa took a little bit more time to finish their meal, then headed upstairs to get ready for the day.

"Remember to wear a bra today since we're going out," Zac told Vanessa. For the past week, she had just been in the house so she'd been able to get away with relaxing in just a pair of panties and one of Zac's t-shirts, which was more like a mini dress to her. "No one in public wants to see you going without one."

"Okay, I will." Vanessa made her way over to the drawers of Zac's dresser where she had put some of her clothes. There, she selected the proper underwear she needed along with a pair of dark wash destroyed skinny jeans and a fitted purple scoop neck t-shirt. Once she was finished with that, she made her way over to the closet and chose an black open front sweater that had ruffles where the buttons would be if it was able to close. "I'm gonna shower now," she announced.

"Same here," Zac said. "I'll use my bathroom and you can use the one down the hall."

"Sounds good."

In an hour and a half, Zac and Vanessa were both downstairs. Zac had put on a pair of jeans, a nice t-shirt that matched his eyes, and sneakers. He wore his Kuuipo promise ring and his hair was neatly combed. Vanessa was wearing the outfit she had selected before her shower along with a pair of black Uggs. She had her Kuuipo ring on as well, and her hair was straightened and left down. Black feather earrings hung from her ears and her eyes had taken on a dramatic look with the purple eye shadow, dark eyeliner, and heavy mascara she had chosen. A tint of blush gave her cheeks some glow, and her lips were thoroughly glossed.

"Okay, so let's get some food ready for the picnic." Zac entered the kitchen and pulled a loaf of bread from the pantry. "Want some ham and cheese sandwiches?"

"Sure," Vanessa agreed. "With mayo, please."

"You got it." Zac took the mayonnaise from the refrigerator. "While I make these, do you wanna get out the chips and put them in this bag?" Zac picked up a plastic grocery bag that was sitting on the counter and handed it to Vanessa.

"Okay." Vanessa got the chips from the pantry and placed them in the bad. "Do you want any dessert?"

"Yeah, you can grab the pack of Oreos I have in there. Oh, and also if you wanna get those cans of iced tea I have in the fridge you can."

"Alright; I will."

Once Zac was finished making the sandwiches and Vanessa had all the other things collected together, the two of them headed out to the car.

"Go ahead, Nessa," spoke Zac, opening the passenger door and moving to the side so Vanessa could climb into the seat. When she was all settled, he shut it again and went around to the other half of the car so he could get behind the wheel. "Now, let's go."


"Strike!" Zac shouted as his bowling ball skid down the slippery lane and knocked over all ten pins. "Oh yeah, I'm on a roll!" He did a ridiculous victory dance in the middle of the floor, causing Vanessa to giggle.

"Alright, champion. Sit down and let me show you how this is done." With a playful glimmer in her eyes, Vanessa rose from where she was sitting, grabbed her bowling ball, and rolled it toward the pins. "Ha! I also got a strike, so you can stop bragging now." She stuck her tongue out, then crawled onto Zac's lap giggling and rested her head against his chest. "But I think you're still winning."

"That's because I'm awesome." Winking, Zac leaned in to kiss Vanessa's lips. "Now let me get up, sweetie. It's my turn."

Vanessa climbed off of Zac.

"And maybe after this round, we can go get some soft pretzels or something for a snack," Zac called while walking up to the lane. "My treat."

"Okay, sounds good." Vanessa smiled. It was so much better having Zac as a boyfriend than Austin. Austin would've demanded her to buy him whatever snacks he wanted, but Zac offered to treat her to things like that and spoil her like a princess.

When Zac and Vanessa were finished their round of bowling, which Zac ended up winning, they headed over to the snack counter.

"What would you like, Nessa pie?" Zac inquired. "You can get anything you see that looks good, and if you want a soda or something to go with it, I'd be more than happy to get that for you as well."

"I think I'll have a soft pretzel with spicy mustard dipping sauce," Vanessa decided. "And I don't need anything to drink. We're gonna have our picnic after this and we have iced tea for that."

"You sure?" Zac checked. "I mean, I don't know if you're thirsty now, but I wouldn't want you to feel all parched and dehydrated."

"I'll be fine," promised Vanessa. "You just worry too much." She gently slapped Zac's arm, then rested her cheek on his shoulder.

"Well, if you're sure..." Zac responded.

"You guys ready to order?" the girl behind the counter asked.

"Yes, we are. We'll take two slices of bacon pizza, a can of Pepsi, and a soft pretzel with spicy mustard dip."

"Okay." The girl prepared the order, then handed it to Zac. "There you go. Six dollars, please."

Zac paid for the snack, then he and Vanessa made their way back to the lanes they were using and sat down at a nearby table. "Are you sure you're not thirsty, sweetie? Do you want any of my soda?" He opened the can and pushed it over to her.

"Not right now, baby boo," Vanessa declined, gently sliding the can back over to Zac and taking a bite of her pretzel. "But I'll have a bite of your pizza."

"Okay." Zac finished chewing the mouthful of food he had, then handed the pizza to Vanessa.

Vanessa bit into the crust, then took another bite of the cheesy bacon middle. "Okay, here you go." She handed it back to Zac.

"What the hell, Nessa? You took a bite of the crust? Why?" Zac laughed. "That's the worst part!"

"I also had some of the cheese part," giggled Vanessa. "But I like pizza crust. And I love the smell of it. It smells like freshly made bread."

"I know it smells good, but the smell is totally misleading because the taste is kind of gross. I mean, I still eat it, but I prefer the cheesy part." He took a bite.

"Well I like spicy mustard." Vanessa ate some more of her pretzel.

"And I like bacon." Zac finished off his first slice of pizza and drank some of his Pepsi.

Zac and Vanessa finished eating while they chatted some more, then played another round of bowling. After that, they returned their bowling shoes and balls and headed out to the car.

"Alright. Let's go have our picnic now." Zac pulled out of the parking lot and sped down the road. It wasn't long before he arrived at a large, well-kept park. "Okay, here we go." He stepped onto the pavement, then went around to the other side of the car and opened the door for Vanessa.

Vanessa stepped out with the bag of food.

"I'll take that." Zac took the food from Vanessa, then locked his car and grabbed her hand. "Let's go, baby girl. Let's see where a good place to eat is."

Within five minutes, Zac and Vanessa were seated on the grass underneath a tree, their food spread out before them.

"So, what movie do you wanna watch tonight?" Zac asked Vanessa.

"Romance," answered Vanessa. "Preferably something where I get to see your ass."

"No, that would be a stupid idea considering you're grounded. It would only make your dirty mind start up with going all horny over me. Let's watch something a little more...uh...less sexual. Besides, it feels awkward to me to see my ass in movies, especially in The Paperboy where I just have on those tiny briefs."

"I got horny watching that," giggled Vanessa. "I could see your bulge." She winked.

"Yes, well don't get too turned on because you're banned from sex for six months. But seriously...what movie should we watch?"

"Something romance...I don't care what it is." Vanessa shrugged.

"So you wouldn't watch Dark Knight Rises? It's not romance, but it was a good movie. I remember I had to see it all alone in theaters, though, because you were with the asshole when it was released."

"What about something like The Vow?" suggested Vanessa.

"Baby girl, we always watch romance movies. Why can't we watch something more manly? I mean, I'm in the middle of a living romance with you. I don't need to see movies like that anymore because I already know what it's like to be in love." He leaned in and connected his lips with Vanessa's in a gentle, sweet kiss.

Vanessa returned the kiss and, when it was over, pulled away blushing.

"Why are you blushing, Nessa? I've kissed you before, and we were together for five years before the breakup."

Vanessa only blushed deeper and turned her face away from Zac. A soft , shy giggle escaped her lips.

"Aww, you're cute," Zac smiled, biting into his sandwich. When he was done chewing, he asked, "So, where would you like to go on a trip? I was thinking of taking you somewhere during the time you're grounded to kind of keep our relationship strong without sex. I mean, sex is never everything. It shouldn't ever be a priority when dating. I think that while you're grounded, we should try bonding on dates like this and trips."

"Well, I'd really like to go to Italy," came Vanessa's response. "And Spain...and of course you know I love Hawaii."

"Okay. I'll keep those places in mind," Zac promised. "But in addition to that, how do you feel about tropical cruises?"

"A cruise? That sounds really fun! I'd go on one with you. I think that's one of the few things we've actually never done together before." Vanessa smiled and crawled into Zac's lap, an Oreo in her hand.

"Yeah," agreed Zac. Then, changing the subject, he said, "Are you cold?"

"No, I'm fine. Why?" Vanessa looked up into Zac's clear blue eyes.

"Because you came to snuggle in my lap." Zac wrapped his arms around Vanessa and pressed a kiss into her dark hair. "You sure you're not chilly?"

"I'm positive. I just wanna cuddle." Vanessa rested her cheek on Zac's chest and let out a contented sigh at the sound of his heart beating.

"Well then, cuddle all you want." Zac picked up an Oreo from the tray and bit into it.

"Baby boo," Vanessa began. "Can you sleep in bed with me tonight? I get really lonely by myself..."

"Of course I can. You're done being grounded so there's no reason that I can't anymore." After swallowing his food, Zac rested his head on top of Vanessa's and pulled her closer to his body. "Wanna go on the swings?"

"Sure," giggled Vanessa. "But only if you carry me."

"Okay, I will. Let's just put this stuff back in the bag first." Zac started to clean up the trash and leftover food along with Vanessa. When they were finished, he let her climb onto his back, then walked over to the swings while holding on to her legs so she wouldn't fall.

Upon reaching the destination, Vanessa jumped off of Zac and sat down on a swing. "Sit next to me, Zac," she pleaded.

"No, what about I push you instead?" Going behind Vanessa, Zac pulled the chains of the swing back until Vanessa was up over his head, then released his hold with a forceful shove to get her going in the air.

"Zac!" screamed Vanessa. "Zac! Oh my gosh this is so scary!" However, despite her words, she was laughing. "Stop me, Zac, stop me!"

"I can't!" Zac called. "You're going too fast!"

When Vanessa slowed to a stop, she jumped off the swing and began to chase Zac around the park. "Come back here!" she shouted, giggling. "I need to give you some karma!" Grabbing a handful of dirt, she threw it at him.

"A little dirt won't bother me!" Zac boasted, turning around. He then scooped Vanessa into his arms and spun her in circles.

"Zac! I'm getting dizzy!" squealed Vanessa, kicking her feet to try to encourage Zac to release his hold on her.

Nuzzling his nose with hers, Zac laid Vanessa down on the grass, then sat beside her. He smiled as she immediately placed her head in his lap and stared up at him with her sparkling brown eyes.

"This is perfect," sighed Vanessa, closing her eyes. "With just us here...no kids...no paparazzi..." She sighed blissfully.

"All the kids are in school right now," pointed out Zac. "And besides, hardly anyone takes their children to the park in January. It's too cold and windy for most people. But I'm glad. I like just being here with you, too."

"The paparazzi are probably with Austin and Nikki right now," laughed Vanessa. "Remember what we saw in the news not long ago? The thing where Austin glued himself to the sidewalk and couldn't get unstuck?"

Zac laughed, too. "Oh, that was too hilarious! Dumbass...and remember when we went on Twitter and saw his tweet about Hurricane Sandy? I mean, he actually went outside in that thing to famewhore! People were dying, their houses were gone, they were left without power, and he was just there whining like a brat because the paps couldn't get to him. He really needs serious help."

"That was ridiculous," agreed Vanessa, still giggling. "And only five people told him to stay safe, and he only got one hundred retweets. When you tweet, you get over seven hundred retweets, plus a million replies from fans. Just goes to show how small his fanbase really is..."

"What fanbase? No one even gives a shit about him. When you Google his name, all that comes up is Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to hating on him. And a lot of people don't even know who he is. And now he has no career, no money, and no life. Can you say epic fail?"

"Yeah, his plan totally backfired. Mostly because I broke up with him. All he wanted to do was to win all my fans over and start getting people to like him. But I'm glad I'm not with him anymore." Vanessa sounded relieved. "I think him and Nikki are a lot better for each other and-"

"And you and I are a lot better for each other, too," finished Zac with an affectionate smile.

After some more time together in the grass, Zac and Vanessa collected their bag of food and headed back to the car. Once they made it home, Zac changed into old basketball shorts that he had gotten to keep after filming High School Musical and a different t-shirt. Vanessa took off her make-up, tied up her hair in a ponytail, and got comfortable in the t-shirt Zac had worn that day, which held his sweet scent, and panties.

"You know, I'm not going to have any shirts left because of you," Zac smiled. "Every time I'm done with one, you take it for yourself."

"But I like your clothes," Vanessa said. "They smell like you."

"Of course they do. I wear them." Zac winked. "Now, let's go watch the movie. I'll get blankets." He grabbed an armful of blankets off the couch where he had been sleeping for the past week, then started walking downstairs, Vanessa following close behind.

Vanessa hopped onto the couch and waited patiently for Zac to put the movie in. As soon as he was finished that task and came to sit beside her, she snuggled into his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Hey, cutie pie." Kissing Vanessa's nose, Zac pulled the blankets over the both of them and wrapped her protectively in his arms.

Vanessa let out a small murmur, then focused on the TV screen.


By the time the movie was over, Vanessa was fast asleep, her head still on Zac's shoulder where it had been when they had first sat down.

Smiling down at Vanessa, Zac turned off the TV with the remote, then carefully lifted her into his arms, carried her up the stairs, and tucked her into his bed. He then climbed in next to her and, switching the light off, cuddled her close to his chest and kissed her forehead. "I love you, sweetie pie. Now get some rest." With that, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep as well.

Finally things were going back to normal again.

Second Chances: A Zanessa Story: Chapter 33

January 8, 2012
Los Angeles, California

"Zac," Vanessa spoke softly as she came down the stairs for the second time since she and Zac had arrived back in L.A.

"Yes?" Zac turned to look at his girlfriend.

"Can I have something to eat?"

"Sure. Do you want me to heat up some pizza for you? I have some left over in the fridge from when I ordered it yesterday for dinner."

Vanessa nodded.

"Okay." Getting off the couch, Zac made his way into the kitchen and put two slices of pizza in the oven along with some cheese fries, which he had gotten as a side dish with the pizza.

"Zac, can I seriously not get cuddled until bedtime?" Vanessa queried.

"I'm afraid you can't." Zac shook his head slowly. "Your behavior was terrible, and I'm not gonna reward you for that."

"But Zac..." whimpered Vanessa, putting on her cutest pout.

"No, Nessa, not even that face is gonna make me change my mind."

"Well, can I at least keep on your shirt?" Vanessa was still just in Zac's t-shirt, which reached her mid-thigh, and her panties.

"Yes, you can keep it, and if you wanna go to sleep as you are tonight, that's fine, too."

"Am I allowed to be naked tomorrow?"

"Well, if you do go naked, you won't be allowed to leave my bedroom, and I'll take away the TV remote and all my CDs so you won't be able to do anything but lay there."

"But that's boring!" protested Vanessa. "I like watching movies naked."

"I know you do, but the point of this whole thing is to make things boring for you because you're being punished."

"This is so fucking unfair!" Crossing her arms across her chest, Vanessa kicked the wall, then went over to the couch and sat down.

"Well, potty mouth, to distract you from your distress, why don't you get out some plates for us awhile?"

"Don't piss me off more."

"What? All I did was ask you to get out some plates?"

"Yeah, and you called me 'potty mouth.'"

"Well, you're being a potty mouth right now. You used the f-word on me. And you kicked my wall. You don't treat other people's property like that. That's what babies do, and I don't want to date a baby."

Vanessa started to cry.

Deciding to ignore Vanessa for a while, Zac got out a plate for himself, then, in a little while, removed the food from the oven and took a slice of pizza and some fries. After that, he made his way up to his room, where he shut and locked the door.

"Zac!" sobbed Vanessa. "Zac...come back! Please!"

Zac switched on his TV and turned up the volume to block out Vanessa's crying.

"Baby boo," whimpered Vanessa, burying her face in a pillow and continuing to let her tears flow. "Baby boo...I want you..." Then, feeling a surge of bitterness sweep over her body, she muttered, "Fuck him, just fuck him. Fuck him. Fuck that jerk." Raising her voice, she called, "Zachary David Alexander Efron, I'm taking my clothes off whether you like it or not!" With that, she stood up and stripped down, then grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch and wrapped herself in it to keep warm.

Twenty minutes later, Zac walked down the stairs to see Vanessa sitting on the couch with the TV on, her body fully exposed. "Vanessa Anne Hudgens, get those clothes back on," he demanded, walking over to the remote and pressing the power button.

"I don't have to listen to you!" Vanessa insisted. "Now give me back the remote control!"

"Fuck you, bitch," growled Zac. "You don't talk back to me. Ever. You're in my house, I'm the boss, now straighten up and get your damn clothes on! I've seen enough of you naked this morning, and I'm still beyond pissed off about it."

Vanessa started crying for about the hundredth time that day.

"Stop fucking crying and put your clothes on! This is your own fault. You wouldn't have to go through this punishment if you didn't go topless in that movie! Obviously your parents did a crappy job raising you, so now it's up to me to discipline you the right way. So stop acting like a slut and get dressed."

"You're an asshole!"

"Well, if you don't wanna follow the rules of my house, you're more than welcome to go back to Austin. Because I'm not dealing with this bullshit anymore."

Starting to control herself, Vanessa put Zac's t-shirt and her panties back on, then curled back up on the couch. "I want dinner."

"Then go get it," Zac spoke, this time in a gentle tone.

Vanessa sniffled and rose from her seat. "Okay, I will. And I'm sorry for not listening to you."

"I forgive you," smiled Zac.


That night, Zac took blankets and pillows from his closet and placed them on the couch in his room before going over to Vanessa. "Do you wanna say goodnight to me?" he queried, holding out his arms.

Her tears starting up for yet another time, Vanessa gripped Zac tightly. "Please cuddle me tonight...I want you in my bed with me..."

"No, Nessa. This is your punishment and you gotta accept it. I'm not sharing a bed with you or giving you cuddles at any time other than right before bed for a week, and you're not getting sex for six months. And if you throw more tantrums like you did today, I'm extending the time of both those punishments."

"But Zac..." whined Vanessa.

"Stop whining. Now goodnight." Kissing the top of her head, Zac gave Vanessa a quick affectionate squeeze, then walked over to the couch. "And remember, I have my eye on you."
January 7, 2012
NYC, New York

Vanessa jumped out of the taxi and walked into the studio at which her Saturday Night Party was to be filmed. She had just arrived in New York a few hours before, but already needed to get to work. Her script-which she had sneakily hid from Zac-was in one hand and a bag with some food for dinner was in the other.

"Good afternoon, Vanessa," Harmony Korine, the director of the movie, greeted. "We're gonna get started in just a few minutes, so if you wanna go put your stuff somewhere..."

"Okay, I will." Vanessa walked over to the other actors and actresses she was to work with and put her things down with theirs.

"Alright," Harmony called out once everyone appeared to have settled in. "Let's get started on the scene where Brandi, Vanessa's character, starts stripping in the night club. So Vanessa, go to the costume department and help Ashlyn pick out your lingerie and some sexy clothing." Ashlyn was the costume director.

"Okay." Chewing on her lip, Vanessa made her way back to the costume room. After discussing things with Ashlyn for a little while, she came out in a black lacy dress that only came to the top of her thighs and tall black strappy heels. Underneath the dress, she wore a sheer black bra and matching panties.

"That's good; I like that," Harmony approved. "Now go get your make-up done. Everyone else in the scene that hasn't seen one of the makeup artists yet, that goes for you, too. And after I approve the make-up, we'll start on hair."

Vanessa walked to the make-up studio along with several other people who had a part in the movie. Butterflies began to flutter in her stomach at the thought of all her co-starts seeing her topless in just a short while. Maybe I shouldn't do this...she thought. I mean would Zac really like it? Oh, fuck him, it doesn't matter what he thinks. It's my body, not his.


January 7, 2012
Los Angeles, California

Zac was sitting alone in his living room, flipping through the channels while eating a slice of bacon pizza that he had ordered for dinner. There's nothing good on, he thought. Just chick flicks and news and...Vanessa? He quickly put down the remote at the sight of Vanessa on a celebrity news show.

"Vanessa Hudgens just arrived in New York City today and is in the process of filming the first movie with frontal topless shots," the reporter was saying. "Yes, for all you horny guys out there, you will be seeing Vanessa's boobs."

"What?" Zac was outraged as they showed censored pictures from on set where Vanessa was standing in sheer black panties with no type of covering on her breasts at all. "What the fuck? I knew she was up to something!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, then, knowing that calling her would do no good, got up, put the rest of his pizza in Puppy's food dish, grabbed his car keys, and headed out the door. "Fuck," he muttered under his breath. "Fuck, fuck, fuck this shit." Climbing behind the wheel, he pulled out of his driveway and made his way to the airport, where he bought a first class ticket to the first available flight to New York City. Luckily, it was in only three hours, so he decided to buy some food in the airport's cafeteria and try to relax a little before he needed to board his plane.


January 8, 2012
NYC, New York

Zac walked into a hotel, but not to book a room. Instead, he was looking for someone who happened to know the filming schedule for Vanessa's movie. "I'm Zac Efron," he explained. "And I was just hoping to surprise Vanessa with a visit today."

"Okay," the man behind the desk responded. "Hold on a minute and let me see if I can bring it up online."

"Alright, thanks."

"It looks like they're starting around six-thirty this morning," the man told Zac.

"Six-thirty? Alright. Thank you so much." With that, Zac headed out of the hotel and looked at his phone. It was then five o' clock. Since he had some time to kill, he decided to go find a place to eat before heading over to the studio.


"Alright. We're just gonna rehearse this without costumes for now because yesterday it turned out that costumes were a whole waste of time since you guys didn't even come close to doing a good enough job for a final filming," announced Harmony. "And Vanessa, I except to see you looking a lot more confident in that strip tease."

Vanessa nodded in acknowledgement.

"Okay, so take your places and let's get started!"

The scene begun. Vanessa stripped off the clothes she wearing, kicked her shoes across the room, then, with a confident, sexy look on her face, unhooked her bra.

"Woah! Look at those perky boobs!" Harmony smirked. "Someone's feeling horny."

It was then that Zac walked into the scene. Instantly catching sight of Vanessa standing there in just her panties, he shouted, "What the fuck? Vanessa Anne Hudgens, put some clothes on and get the hell out of here!"

Vanessa was speechless. All she could do was stand there, staring at Zac in utter shock, her cheeks turning red and tears threatening to run from her eyes.

"And Harmony, what did I hear you say to my girlfriend? You do not talk to her that way! That's sex talk, you asshole!" Without warning, he punched Harmony in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose, then turned back to Vanessa. "You're not even making a move to get your clothes on! What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I...I...I..." Vanessa began to sob.

"Don't even try to tell me you want to do the movie, because there's no way in hell you're doing it." He tore off his own shirt, walked over to Vanessa, and shoved it over her head. Grabbing her wrist, he said, "Let's go, before I get even more pissed off than I already am. You never, ever disobey Boss Zefron."

"No! I'm not going! I agreed to do the movie, so I'm gonna stay!"

"Well, you'd better vroom vroom, bitch, because I'm not allowing that. You're getting the fuck out of here." He picked her up, swung her over his shoulder, and carried her to the door.

"Come on, Zac," Harmony, who had a towel held to his nose in an attempt to stop the bleeding, started just as Zac put his hand on the doorknob.

"She's not doing the movie, bastard!" Zac shouted.

"But it's her choice!" protested Harmony. "If she wants to do it, you need to let her!"

"No, I'm her boyfriend. I have a say in what she does, and this slutty movie isn't something I approve of! It's even worse than Spring Breakers! I don't know why all your movies have to have sluts in them, you sick-minded pervert! You just wanna see girls naked and give your slutty wife roles she can actually have because no one else will accept her as an actress! That's just wrong! Now I don't want to hear anything more of this. Goodbye." With that, Zac walked out the door, still holding a sobbing Vanessa. "And as for you, Vanessa Anne, you will get your fucking ass on the first flight back to Los Angeles, and you will go straight up to my room so I can talk with you about your punishment."

"No!" screamed Vanessa.

"Oh, yes." He set Vanessa down, but kept a tight hold of her arm. "You do not act like a slut! Now vroom vroom, bitch."

"Stop calling me that!" Vanessa burst out.

"Well, that's what you're acting like. Now come on."

Vanessa refused to move.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Zac began to practically drag Vanessa through the city until he caught sight of a taxi. He then pushed her into it, climbed in beside her, and told the driver to go to the airport.


Once at the airport, Zac purchased two plane tickets back to Los Angeles and pulled Vanessa into the waiting area. He didn't say a word to her. Instead, he just listened to her sobs and sniffles. When their flight was called, he stood up and said, "What did I say to you earlier?"

"I'm sorry!" Vanessa cried. "I'm really, really sorry!"

"Well, sorry won't cut it this time. Now get your ass on that plane."


"Come on, you're acting like a fucking baby. Get on the plane right now."

Standing up, Vanessa attempted to run in the opposite direction. However, she was stopped by Zac.

"Let's go." Lifting Vanessa up, Zac carried her onto the plane and, placing her in a seat, buckled her seatbelt. Once he was all seated and buckled, her put a hand over the button to release the seatbelt so that she wasn't able to escape. "And I'm not joking. When we get back to L.A., you're going to have a major price to pay for your shitty actions, Vanessa. I am not happy with you at all."


Once Zac and Vanessa were in Zac's home, he pointed to the stairs as a command she needed to go up. Since she didn't feel like hearing him yell at her again for not cooperating with him, she obeyed. He followed closely behind.

"Now," Zac started. "As you should already know, I am majorly pissed off at your shitty behavior. You lied to me, went behind my back, and acted like a fucking slut. And, also, as you should except, you're getting a gigantic punishment for all this."

Vanessa's only reaction was to continue sobbing.

"First off, you're to stay in my house for six months, so I'll take you later to go get anything you need from your place. That means you are not to leave my house without my permission, and if I go somewhere, you'll need to come, too, because obviously you can't be trusted alone. Secondly, you're getting no cuddles or kisses from me for a week, with the exception of at bedtime. Every night, I'll give you a goodnight kiss on the forehead and cuddle you, but you will need to sleep alone in my bed. I'll be sleeping on that couch over there." He pointed to the couch he had in the corner of the room.

"No! Zac..." Vanessa reached over and hugged Zac, only to be pried away gently by his powerful arms.

"No. No hugs," Zac repeated firmly. "And also, you won't be going out with friends for six months, I'm taking away your phone, iPod, and laptop for six months, you won't be doing any more movies or movie promotions for six months, and you're not getting any sex for six months."

"What? No! It's not fair," sniffled Vanessa.

"Oh, yes it is," Zac objected. "You seriously can't act like this. Now, I'll leave for a while so you can have time to cry to yourself, then when you're all done letting everything out, I'll take you back to your place for a little while so you can pack up all you'll need for six months of living with me." He rose to his feet.

"Just one cuddle...please?" Vanessa begged, looking up at Zac.

It took all the strength in the world for Zac to not rush back to Vanessa and take her in his arms. Instead, he just shook his head and walked out of the room.


Two hours later, Vanessa came downstairs, her eyes still red and puffy. "Zac," she whimpered.

"Yeah?" Zac looked up from the TV, on which he was watching a basketball game.

"I'm sorry..."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that, and I forgive you, but you need to accept your punishment."

"But no sex for six months?"

"Well, you should've thought of the consequences before you went topless in that movie," Zac pointed out.

"Fuck you." Vanessa stormed back upstairs.

"You know, you don't need sex 24/7," Zac called.

Slamming the bedroom door, Vanessa threw herself on the bed and, again, started to cry.

Vroom Vroom, Bitch

Just a short little Zanessa scenario using Zac's phrase "Vroom vroom, bitch." Totally unrelated to my fanfic.


Zac Efron walked up to his sleek, shiny black sports car, ready to go home after a long night of filming. Before getting in, he unzipped his leather jacket, allowing the crisp white wife beater underneath to show. For a second, he thought about pulling his ripped jeans up so that his boxers weren't hanging out, but then decided against it. Instead, he just took his car keys from his pocket, ran a hand over the stubble on his face, then stepped into his car. Allowing one of his feet, which were encased in motorcycle boots, to rest on the brake pedal, he stuck the key in the ignition.


Zac stopped just as he was about to turn the key and looked to his left to see Vanessa Hudgens-his ex-girlfriend-standing outside of his car. Rolling the window down, he said, "Hey, Vanessa. What's up?"

"Zac, I...I...I have a problem," Vanessa began. "Austin...Austin dumped me today, and I really need a boyfriend to go with me to my movie premiere this weekend. So I was just wondering if..."

"If I could be your emergency I-don't-have-anyone-else-to-go-with guy?" Zac finished.

"Well, kind of. I mean, not really. I mean, it's not that I don't wanna go with you. It's just that-"

"I understand. Well, I'm not anyone for girls to fall back on just because they don't have anyone else."

"So that's a no?"

"What do you think?" Zac put on his sunglasses, although it was close to midnight, and revved up the engine. "Vroom vroom, bitch." With that, he did the "peace out" sign with his fingers and sped away.
January 2, 2013
London, England

Zac and Vanessa entered their hotel room in London, England. It was the day before Vanessa's premiere of Spring Breakers in England, and Zac had come along to make sure she behaved and to keep a watchful eye on the interaction between her and her co-stars, who he was less than fond of.

"I'm tired," Vanessa announced, lying down on the bed in the middle of the room and closing her eyes.

"I know, baby girl. It was a long flight." Zac closed the door. "You're welcome to take a nap if you need to. In fact, I'm kind of tired, too, so maybe if you rest for a couple hours, I'll join you."

"Sounds good," Vanessa murmured. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she crawled under the covers.

Zac took off his t-shirt and jeans, then got in bed beside Vanessa wearing only his boxers. Spooning her from behind, he pressed a kiss into her hair. "I love you, Nessa."

"Love you, Zac," Vanessa whispered before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.


Two hours later, Zac and Vanessa both awoke to the sound of Vanessa's phone setting off an alert that she had received a text message.

"I'd better check that," Vanessa mumbled sleepily. Climbing out of bed, she went over to her purse and drew out her iPhone. "It's from Ashley Benson," she revealed. "She wants me to have a sleepover with her and Selena in her hotel room tonight." She looked up at Zac expectantly. "Can I go?"

"Nessa noodle, I really don't like Benson. At all. And Selena isn't much better. I'd rather you not."

"But they're some of my best friends," Vanessa protested. "Please..."

Zac let out a deep sigh. "Fine. But I'm coming with you."

"Why?" Vanessa groaned.

"To protect you," Zac growled firmly. "And don't even try to get me to change my mind, because I can assure you that I won't."

Vanessa opened her mouth to argue, but then realized it was useless. Zac was too stubborn when it came to topics such as her safety, and she knew he'd only get angry if she pushed the matter further.

"Thank you for cooperating with me, Nessa." Zac smiled and got out of bed. "Now, what about we get dressed and go grab something to eat?"


That evening, Zac and Vanessa stepped into Ashley's hotel room, where Ashley and Selena were already starting to grab cups of hot chocolate and eat snickerdoodle cookies.

"Hey, Vanessa!" Ashley squealed. "Come in and join the party! We just brought out the hot coco and cookies, but later, we're gonna have some vodka and cocktails."

Vanessa chewed on her lip. "Well, I don't want to drink too much."

"Oh...why not? And why is Zac here? Could he seriously not let you walk down to my room alone?"

"I told you in my text. He's staying with me here. He doesn't want me to be sleeping over with you guys by myself."

"Why not?"

"I'm the boss, so don't even start, Benson. I know what you and Selena are like, and I'm not exactly a big fan of what the two of you do." Zac's voice was firm.

Ashley didn't respond. Instead, she just closed the door behind Zac and Vanessa and went back to her snack.

"Wanna share a cup of hot chocolate with me?" queried Zac.

Vanessa nodded. "Yes, please." As she spoke, she set down the duffel bag of overnight things she had brought with her.

Zac poured a mug of hot chocolate and dumped a handful of marshmallows on top. "Alright, here we are." He walked over to Ashley and Selena with Vanessa and sat down.

"Hey, Vanessa," smiled Selena. "Hi, Zac."

Zac and Vanessa both returned the greeting.

"Okay, guys...now that we're all here, what about we play a game of truth or dare?" Ashley suggested.

"Nessa pie, come cuddle in my lap," instructed Zac, putting down the cup of hot chocolate and holding out his arms. Once Vanessa was settled against his chest, he picked it up again and gave it to her to drink from. To Ashley, he said, "No R-rated things. I don't want any sex talk, any nudity, any lesbo behavior..."

"Yeah, yeah." Ashley waved a hand at Zac. "But anyway, I'll go first. Vanessa, truth or dare?"

"Um...truth?" Vanessa answered.

"Okay. Describe your first bikini wax."

Chewing on her lip, Vanessa, who had never any part of her body waxed-not even her legs-blushed a little and drew closer to Zac.

"You never got a bikini wax? Oh my gosh, Vanessa. That's just sad. Why would you want a big patch of hair on your pussy?"

"Hey!" snapped Zac. "I said nothing R-rated. You don't ask that kind of thing. It's personal." He rubbed Vanessa's arm comfortingly.

"It wasn't personal or offensive in any way! Every girl in the world gets bikini waxes!"

"No, they don't. You're just making crap up now."

Ashley shot Zac a death glare. "Alright, then I'll think of something different. But this time it'll be a dare."

"Um...I'd rather have truth," Vanessa responded. She hated choosing to do a dare because she never knew what sort of embarrassing thing she would be asked to do in front of her friends.

"Well, too bad. I'm giving you a dare to make out with me."

"She's not allowed to interact that way with a fucking lesbian," objected Zac. "That's just sick to even think of asking her to do that."

"Whatever." Ashley rolled her eyes, then turned to Selena. "Okay, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Selena decided.

"Alright...I dare you to go in the bathroom and fake an orgasm. Make sure we hear you scream."

"Um...okay." Selena got up and walked into the hotel bathroom. A few minutes later, the sounds of her moaning and screaming her boyfriend-Justin Bieber's-name were audible.

"We hear you. You can be done now," Ashley called.

"Okay." Selena came out of the bathroom. "Now Ashley, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Ashley spoke.

"I dare you to splash that hot chocolate on your face."

Ashley completed her dare, which ended in her screaming. "Never again...never again will I do that. I swear...worst dare ever." She rushed to the bathroom and, wetting a towel, wiped off her face.

"Vanessa, your turn. Truth or dare?"


"Okay. Have you ever regretted getting drunk?" Selena questioned.

"Well, I only got drunk a couple times, but yes. Hangovers suck."

"I agree with you there. Okay, now it's your turn to give Ashley and I each a question or dare."

"Alright...um...Ash. Who's your crush and why?" asked Vanessa.

"Austin Butler," Ashley replied quickly. "Because he's sexy. I think he'd be a great sex partner. And I bet his dick's real big, too. Unlike Zac's..."

"Um, excuse me?" Zac prompted.

"Yes, you got a small dick. I pity Vanessa for having to be fucked by you."

Vanessa whimpered a little and, putting down the hot chocolate mug, took Zac's hand.

After pressing a kiss into Vanessa's hair, Zac took a sip from the cup, then held Vanessa around the waist with his free arm.

"Ness, pull down his pants so we can see his puny dick," laughed Ashley.

"You shut the fuck up right now, Benson!" Zac shouted.

"Okay, Vanessa, just ask me something," Selena interjected. "I pick truth."

"You know what? Let's not play this game anymore. It's boring." Ashley wrinkled her nose. "Let's get into pajamas. Come on, Selena, Nessa. We can go change in the bathroom away from Zac."

"Wait a second. Vanessa's not allowed to change in front of lesbians who just asked her to make out with them. You and Selena can go change, then after that, Vanessa and I will." Zac kept his voice calm and even.

"Eww, you pervert! You just want to see her naked," Ashley accused.

"No. It's just that we're comfortable like this with each other and I don't want her changing with you. The last thing I need is for you to be feeling her up when she's in her underwear."

"I'm not like that!" Ashley sounded offended. "But anyway, come on, Selly." She motioned to Selena.

After Ashley and Selena were done getting into pajamas, Zac and Vanessa went into the bathroom, Vanessa bringing along her duffel bag.

"Alright, honey, now I want you to keep your bra on to sleep in tonight," Zac told his girlfriend once the door was closed. "Benson is scaring me with this lesbian shit and I don't need her seeing anything she shouldn't be."

"Okay," agreed Vanessa. Opening up her bag, she handed Zac his change of clothes, which she had put in with her stuff, then pulled out her cami and cupcake print pajama pants.

When Zac and Vanessa were both changed, they exited the bathroom.

"That's what you're wearing to sleep in?" Ashley scoffed. "Come on, Vanessa! Where's your booty shorts and crop top?"

"It's too cold for her to be wearing that sort of thing," spoke Zac. "Her pajama pants are a lot warmer for her, and with a cami, her stomach won't get cold. I think she looks cute."

"Well, she doesn't look sexy," snapped Ashley, hopping onto one of the two beds in the room. "By the way, Ness, me, you, and Sel are gonna sleep in this bed and Zac can sleep in the other one."

"Do I have to? I mean, I really like cuddling with Zac at night. I'd...I'd rather share a bed with him. Besides, three people in one bed is gonna be too crowded." Vanessa sat on the other bed, Zac going along with her.

"You are a party pooper, Vanessa." Ashley rolled her eyes, then smiled when Selena came onto the bed with her. "But anyway, I wanted to show you and Sel my boob job." She took off her top, leaving her in a lacy bra. "Can you believe I'm a D cup now?"

"Put your shirt back on, Benson. I'm here and I don't wanna see you in your fucking bra," Zac demanded.

"Well I don't give a shit about what you do or don't want," Ashley retorted. "You weren't even invited. But anyway, my boobs are so much fuller and rounder now. Here, I'll take off my bra and show you what they look like bare. Oh, and you can also see my scars."

"You take that bra off, you're dead," Zac told Ashley. "You do not strip in front of your friend's boyfriend. That is just inconsiderate and downright slutty. Now get your shirt back on or else Vanessa and I will walk out of this room right now and I'll never let you associate with her again, whether it be in person, on the phone, through text, Skype, whatever..."

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Fine." She put her tank top back on. "But anyway, yeah...I'm a D cup now. I'm really happy. You should try getting a boob job, Ness. I think you'd really benefit from it. I already convinced Selly to think about getting one."

"Yeah," confirmed Selena. "I think it sounds like a good idea. I'm excited to have mine done."

"I will not allow Vanessa to get that done," Zac growled. "So stop this shit right now."

Ashley ignored Zac. "You know, Vanessa, I'm sure you'd love it once it was all over with and stuff. I mean, puberty was a bitch to you giving you those tiny things. You'd be much happier if they were bigger, and on top of that, your sex life would be better."

"Um...I think I'm good," Vanessa responded hesitantly.

"You think you are; you don't know you are. I, for a fact, know that you'd like a big size rather than the one you have now. I mean, come on, B cup? That's basically flat-chested! I bet Zac would like if you had big boobs, too. Then there would actually be something for him to grab during sex."

"I love Vanessa just the way she is!" yelled Zac. "Now fuck off of my girlfriend, you bitch."

Again, Ashley ignored Zac. "And also, your nipples look really awkward on your breasts now because they're too big for them. If you got a boob job, you could get a more proportional look. Like what happened with me. You know how mine were like, giant and ugly before? Well, now they actually look normal. Here, come in the bathroom away from Zac and I'll show you."

"No, she's not going with you. No one wants to see your ugly, fake, slutty breasts." Zac's eyes were fiery with anger. "And stop making her feel bad about her body. She's perfect the way she is. Puberty was not a bitch to her. And there's nothing wrong with her breasts. They're perfectly normal. Every girl is just a little different, that's all. It doesn't mean she needs a boob job. In fact, I think she'd actually look ridiculous if she did get one."

"Well, then, if you like small boobies than you must be fucking gay, because real men like something they can actually grab." Ashley's voice was taunting.

"Fuck you, Benson!" Zac's voice was powerful. "Never again...never again do I want to hear you insult anything about Vanessa, whether it be her body, what she does, what she wears, how she acts..."

"Well, I'll have you know that it's been proven that if you have big boobs, you can produce cuter kids. So I'm just trying to help Vanessa out here," snapped Ashley.

"That's bullshit. You just made that up for who knows why. But it's not true. And let me tell you that me and Vanessa's babies will be a hundred times cuter than any kids you have. And they won't be spoiled brats like yours, either."

Just then, tears started to run down Vanessa's cheeks, causing her to cling to Zac and bury her face in his chest for comfort.

"See? Now look what you did! No one likes being insulted, and you especially need to be careful around Vanessa because she's very sensitive. And just so you know, if you were a guy, I'd be kicking your balls right now. Never mess with Boss Zefron or his girlfriend," Zac blurted out, his voice thick with anger.

"Like I said before, I was just trying to help her!" insisted Ashley.

"Who helps their friend by talking down on them? Oh yeah, sluts who get bikini waxes to look like five-year-olds and have fake boobs. Oh, and just so you know, Austin doesn't like breasts at all. He likes dicks, so you should be calling him gay, not me."

"Fuck you, Efron!" Ashley screamed, walking over to Zac and slapping his cheek.

"So you think I really am bothered being slapped by a girl? And a bitchy one at that. I'm not Austin. I won't go cry to my mommy because you hit me. I'll stand up for myself and tell you that if you do that again, I'm calling the cops and pressing charges. You don't smack people like that. And if I wasn't as respectful as I am to women, I'd hit you right back."

"If you call the cops, I'll fucking kill you!"

At Ashley's words, Vanessa started to sob harder.

"Shhh. It's okay, sweetie pie," Zac soothed, holding Vanessa close and rubbing her back.

"I hate her," whimpered Vanessa.

"I know, baby girl. Would you like to go back to our room to sleep?"

Nodding against Zac's chest, Vanessa sniffled.

"Alright. Let's go, cutie pie." As he stood up, Zac lifted Vanessa up so that he was holding her like he would hold a toddler, then grabbed her duffel bag. Without another word, he walked out the door.

That was the last time he would ever allow Ashley Benson to speak to Vanessa.