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August 31, 2015
Los Angeles, California

Zac swung the hospital bag over his shoulder and carefully picked up Eliza. "You ready, Nessa?" he asked.

"Yeah," Vanessa replied. She followed Zac out the door of the room and stepped into the elevator with him. Once they were on the ground floor, she glanced toward the window to see a group of paparazzi standing in the parking lot. "Babe..." she pointed to the paps. "I don't wanna go out..."

Zac looked to where Vanessa was pointing and sighed. "Well we have to. We already signed you out, and Eliza needs to get home and eat, and you need to rest. I'll tell them to back off."

"Okay." Vanessa still sounded uncertain.

Zac and Vanessa hurries outside and kept their heads down as the paps rushed toward them.

"Is it a boy or girl?"

"How long was Vanessa in labor?"

"What did you name her?"

Eliza began to cry as cameras flashed in her face.

"Get away, you assholes! You're scaring my daughter!" Zac was furious. How dare someone make his baby cry.

"Oh, Daddy has a temper!" one of the paps teased.

Zac silently cursed the paps while he headed to his car. Setting Eliza in her seat, he opened the door for Vanessa, then got into the drivers' seat and sped out of the parking lot. "You okay, Nessa?"

"Just pissed off," Vanessa replied. "The last thing I wanted after having a baby was to be surrounded by paps."

"I know. And poor Eliza was terrified. You don't flash cameras in a newborn's face. We should've bought her little sunglasses."

"Aww, that would've been cute, but I didn't expect the paps to be there. I wonder who called them."

"I have no idea. But whoever it is has no respect for new parents whatsoever."


Austin opened his Twitter app and looked at his timeline. "Hey, Nikki," he called. "Vanessa's mom tweeted that Vanessa had the baby. She apparently named her Eliza."

"I said I wanted juice, you bitch!" That was Aukki.

"Alright, Aukki. No need to give me that sour temper." Nikki filled a sippie cup with grape juice and gave it to Aukki. Turning to Austin, she said, "Eliza's a dumb name. He couldn't even bother to be creative like we were and think of something original."

"I know. And I bet Vanessa's gonna breastfeed, too. Gross shit. I remember I saw a woman breastfeeding in a restaurant back then and it was disgusting. Then everyone on Twitter hated on me and said 'Oh, BUTTler, boobs aren't for sex. Boobs are to feed babies.' 'Stop dissing mothers.' It was bullshit. Boobs should be for me to enjoy, not for some baby to suck."

"I know. That's why I didn't breastfeed Aukki. Besides, he needed flavor in his diet, so chocolate milk was a better option."

"Exactly. And look, here's pap pics of her. Eww, she's one ugly baby." Austin then tweeted "Aukki >>>> Eliza Efron" and "Eww, I bet Vanessa's breastfeeding. But hey, #lovetoallmothers. YOLFO."


Vanessa sat down on the couch and, taking Eliza, held her to her breast. "You eat, sweetie," she told her.

Surprisingly, Eliza listened to Vanessa.

"Aww, Zac, she's breastfeeding!" Vanessa called.

Zac walked into the room. "Aww, good girl, Ellie." He sat down beside Vanessa.

Instantly, Eliza stopped eating and began to cry.

"She wants Daddy," Vanessa said, handing Eliza to Zac and pulling her top back up.

"I think she needs her diaper changed. I'll go do that." Zac carried Eliza upstairs and put her on the changing table that, for now, was in his and Vanessa's bedroom. After Eliza slept through the night, they were going to move it to her room and put the newborn cradle in the garage so she could use her big girl crib.

"Alright, sweetheart. Let's get your diaper changed." Zac changed Eliza's diaper and took her back downstairs, where he laid on the couch and placed her on his chest. "How about you take a nap with Daddy?"

Eliza closed her eyes and relaxed against Zac's firm chest.

"If you're gonna be with Eliza, I'm gonna go take a shower," Vanessa said. "Then I'll sleep for a little while."

"Okay. Sounds good." Zac motioned for Vanessa to come over to him. Once she did, he kissed her lips. "You have a good time relaxing, okay?"

"I will. Thanks, babe." Vanessa smiled and headed upstairs.


Three hours later, Zac awoke to the sound of Eliza crying. Sitting up, he cradled her and spoke softly. "Yeah, I know, sweetie. I think you need to eat again. Let me go up and wake Mommy so she can feed you." Zac carried Eliza upstairs and into the master bedroom, where Vanessa was lying down watching TV. "Nessa, our daughter is hungry again."

"Alright. Come here, Elle." Vanessa propped herself up with pillows and, yanking the stretchy fabric of her tank top down, put Eliza on her breast.

Eliza started to cry.

"Honey, I thought you were hungry?" Zac said.

"I don't think she likes breast milk," Vanessa concluded. "Or she just doesn't like me."

"Aww, she likes you. You're her mommy." Zac took Eliza and kissed her forehead. "Sweetie, please let Mommy feed you." He pulled her socks off her small feet. "There you go, cutie. It's summer. You don't need to wear socks. Aww, Nessa, look at her tiny feet."

"Aww, she's adorable." Vanessa was smiling. "I'm proud that we made her." She reached out to take her daughter again and attempted to get her to latch onto her breast once more.

Once Zac's hand was resting on Eliza's tiny arm, she began to eat, comforted in knowing that her daddy was right beside her. After she was all finished, Zac grabbed his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of Vanessa with the baby.

Zac and Vanessa spend about an hour with Eliza before she fell asleep.

"I'll go put her in her cradle," Zac offered, taking Eliza and carrying her over to the baby cradle.

"Babe, can you come rest with me?" asked Vanessa.

"Sure." Climbing under the covers, Zac wrapped his arms around Vanessa and smiled as she cuddled into his chest. He gently rubbed her back until she fell asleep, then took his phone and, turning the volume down so as not to bother either Vanessa or Eliza, started to play a game of Temple Run. After he was finished, he decided to look at Twitter. Many people were congratulating him on his new daughter, and both him and Eliza were trending topics. However, in the midst of all the celebration, he noticed the one person who was trying to create drama: Austin. He had posted several tweets hating on Eliza's name, saying Aukki was better looking than she was, and calling Vanessa a slut for having a baby.

Shaking his head, Zac put his phone aside and ran his fingers through Vanessa's dark curls. She must be exhausted, he thought, kissing the top of her head.


An hour later, Zac climbed slowly out of bed and headed to the kitchen. Pulling a box of pasta from the pantry, he began to boil water in a pot. He had decided that since Vanessa was sleepy, and still recovering from having the baby, that he would cook that evening.

Just as Zac was putting the garlic bread in the oven, he heard footsteps coming down the steps.

"Zaccy?" Vanessa questioned, glancing around until she caught a glimpse of Zac. "Oh, there you are. What are you making?" She crept up behind him and wound her arms around his waist.

"Pasta and garlic bread," Zac replied, twisting to the side to kiss Vanessa's lips. "Is our baby still sleeping?"

Vanessa nodded. "She seems to be feeling pretty tired."

"Aww. Well it'll take her a couple days to adjust to life. Why don't you go sit on the couch? I'll bring out a tray with your dinner on it."

"Okay." Vanessa walked out into the living room and, wrapping herself in a blanket, sat on the couch and pulled the footrest closer to her so she could put her feet up.

In a little while, Zac appeared with a tray of food. "There you go, baby girl."

"Thanks." Vanessa began to eat.

Just then, Eliza's cries were heard from upstairs.

"Let me go get our daughter," said Zac, rushing to get up to his and Vanessa's room."Hey, Eliza. Come to Daddy." He scooped her up carefully into his arms and carried her down to the living room. "Here. She can lie in between us on the couch while we eat. Let me just get some food for me." Setting Eliza down beside Vanessa, Zac walked into the kitchen and got some dinner for himself. When he returned, Eliza tried to look in his direction. "Aww, hi sweetie. Do you wanna go for a walk with Daddy tomorrow? I'll get out the stroller and we can go walk around the park or something to give Mommy a rest."

Eliza smiled at Zac's voice.

"Babe, do you wanna give her a bottle after we finish eating?" Vanessa queried. "I'm gonna set up the baby bath for her."

"Sure, I can feed her," Zac agreed. Once he finished his dinner, he cleaned up the dishes and began heating up a bottle of formula for Eliza. "Alright, honey, let Daddy feed you." Walking back into the living room, he lifted his daughter into his arms, her head propped up on his elbow, and held the bottle to her tiny lips.

"I'm gonna get the baby bath ready then." Vanessa stood up, took her plate to the kitchen, then headed upstairs. "You can bring her up when she's all finished."

"Okay. I'll do that." Seeing Eliza's blue eyes begin to close, Zac started to rub her feet gently in attempt to keep her awake so she could finish eating and hopefully sleep that night with minimum interruptions.

Eliza drank a little more of her bottle, then spit it out and started to cry a little. Zac placed her on his shoulder and patted her back until she burped, then carried her upstairs. "Okay, Nessa, here's the baby."

"Where's my little girl?" Vanessa reached out to take Eliza.

Zac placed Eliza into Vanessa's arms. "Here she is. I'm gonna go in our room and have a shower while you give her a bath. What time do you think she should sleep tonight?"

"Eight. That should be a good time for a newborn."

"I agree. And don't forget that my parents are coming by tomorrow around lunch to see how she's doing. Then after they leave I wanna take her for a walk at the park."

"Okay. Sounds good." Vanessa grabbed some baby soap and a washcloth.


An hour later, Vanessa was breastfeeding Eliza while Zac was putting some covers in her cradle. It was bedtime for her, and for Zac and Vanessa, too, since they hadn't slept well in the hospital the night before.

"Come here, Ellie," Zac said when Elisa finished eating. He carefully took her from Vanessa and sat in the rocking chair that was in the corner of the room. Once he had rocked her to sleep, he placed her in the cradle, kissed her forehead, and climbed into bed next to Vanessa. "Let's get some rest, Nessa. Good night."

"Good night."

After sharing a kiss, Zac and Vanessa cuddled up together under the covers and settled down for a few hours of sleep before Eliza needed to be tended to.



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