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May 13, 2015
Los Angeles, California

Zac tried to balance five different packages as he walked into the house after his final day of promoting his recent film, The Fallen. This was to be his last role for a while, as he was taking time off in order to help raise his daughter, and it would be the last time he would produce a movie for the time being as well. His fans were sorely disappointed, but were happy to hear that family was his priority in life.

"Are those more packages from fans?" Vanessa, who was resting on the couch, queried. Ever since word got out that Zac and Vanessa were to have a baby girl, Zac fans had been sending tons of gift packages filled with anything from baby clothing to bubble bath sets for Vanessa and cologne for Zac.

"Yup." Zac replied. He set the boxes down in front of Vanessa and began to help her open them.

"Aww, look at this outfit!" Vanessa exclaimed as she took a purple flower print sundress from one of the boxes. "And look at these little shoes!" She held up a pair of matching purple sandals. "Aww, this will be adorable."

"And look at this!" added Zac, emptying out the box that he had opened. "A pack of diapers, a stuffed dog, some handmade baby booties, and a little t-shirt that said 'Daddy's Little Princess.'"

"I guess your fans are assuming she's gonna be a daddy's girl," smiled Vanessa.

The last three packages altogether contained more clothes, another bath set for Vanessa, more cologne for Zac, more diapers, a pack of pacifiers, a baby bath towel that had 'Baby Efron' embroidered on it, and a rubber duck.

"Wow, I'll have an overload of cologne by the time this baby is born," Zac laughed.

"Well, you have a lot of loyal Zattackers. And I'm proud of you for that. You definitely deserve it." Vanessa leaned over to kiss Zac's lips.

"Aww, thanks, Nessa." Zac smiled. "Now, let's get this stuff away. Dylan's gonna be here soon to help me paint the baby's room.

"Oh, that's right," Vanessa remembered. "I gotta put out the snacks we got for you guys. I'm sure you'll take a snack break at some point. And then he's staying for dinner, right?"

"Yes, he is."

"Okay. I was planning to make a chicken and rice casserole tonight, and I was going to have some rolls and butter with it. Will he be okay with that?"

"Yeah, he'll be fine with it," Zac assured. "He's not really a picky eater." He began packing all the things back into the boxes so he could carry the gifts upstairs with minimum difficulty.

"Okay, then." Vanessa stood up and walked into the kitchen.


May 17, 2015
Los Angeles, California

"Nessa, come outside," Zac invited. "I wanna show you the idea I have for our baby's playground."

"Just a second," Vanessa responded. She slowly got up from the couch in her and Zac's bedroom and slipped on a pair of flip-flops. "Okay. We can go now."

"Alright." Zac led Vanessa downstairs and out the back door.


A look of surprise crossed Vanessa's face as she saw her friends, Stella, and Starla standing by the pool. Pink balloons were tied to the beach chairs and a pile of gifts was on the picnic table that was just outside of the pool gate.

"This is your baby shower," Zac explained. "Go have something to eat." He motioned toward the folding table he had set up, which was filled with sandwiches, chips, and pitchers of fresh lemonade.

"Aww, thank you guys so much!" Vanessa exclaimed. She hugged Zac first, then Starla, Stella, and Dylan's girlfriend Courtney. After that, she greeted her friends Laura New, Monique Coleman, and Brittany Snow.

"How's Mom doing?" Vanessa asked Stella.

"She's still angry about you having a baby. But I'm excited to be an aunt," Stella said. "Do you have any names picked out?"

"We're still deciding," answered Vanessa. "We probably won't announce our choice to anyone until after she's born."

"Okay. Just for a suggestion, I like the name Mackenzie Kaelin."

"That sounds kind of cool, but Zac wouldn't like it. I wanted to name her Marisol Paige and he said he hated it because it sounded too much like a typical celebrity name. So we'll probably end up going with something classy, but not over the top. Like I had suggested Emmaline, but he thought it sounded too much like a name the royal family in England would use."

"Oh. Well I like unique names."

"Me too, but I also like some classy traditional names, which is what we'll need to use because that's the only type of name that Zac likes."

"You could name her Elizabeth. That's what David and I would've named our daughter if we had one," Starla put in. "But we had two boys, so we never got to use it."

"Well you were very lucky to have those boys," smiled Vanessa. "They're both children worth being proud of. I hope this baby will turn out just as good as Zac and Dylan did."

"Aww, I'm sure she will," Starla assured. "You guys will be great parents."

Vanessa smiled. "I hope so." She took a sandwich from the platter. "Mmm, tuna. Good choice, babe."

Zac stepped behind Vanessa and put his hands on her shoulders. "So, whenever you're done eating and talking with everyone, you can open your gifts."

"Okay. I'll be ready in a little while," Vanessa responded.

"Well take your time. We're not in a hurry."

Vanessa spent some more time chatting with her guests, then sat down by the pile of gifts. By the time she was finished opening them, she had five more baby outfits, three new bottles, two containers of formula, two passifiers, a fuzzy pink diaper bag, a hat that Starla has knitted for her granddaughter, a newborn stroller, diapers, and a set of pink sheets with a matching fuzzy blanket.

"So how big do you think she'll be?" Laura asked Vanessa.

"Not very," laughed Vanessa. "I'm five months along and my baby bump still isn't very big. Plus, the doctor said she'd probably be small."

"Aww, well she'll be cute I'm sure. Who are you hoping she'll look more like?"

"Well, I don't really care, but Zac wants her to look like me. If I was having a boy, if want him to look like Zac, though."

"Guys, if anyone wants to go swimming, feel free to," Zac invited. "The pool's open."

"Ness, come swimming with me," Stella begged, going over to Vanessa and pulling her hand.

"Okay. I'll go. Let me just go change." Vanessa went into the house, returning a few minutes later in a nice black one piece swimsuit that had a fancy cutout design on the back. She was too self-conscious to swim in a bikini because of her pregnant stomach, so she opted for cute maternity swimwear instead.

"I'm gonna take these gifts inside," Zac announced.

"I'll help," offered Starla. "I don't really wanna swim."

"Okay. Thanks, Mom. The bedding, diapers, and clothes can all go up in the baby's room. The stroller I'll take in the garage, and the bottles can go in the kitchen with the formula."


"You can look at the baby's room, too. Dylan and I painted it the other day and hung the curtains. Now we just need to buy a crib and a couple lamps and get the closet all set up."

"Well if you need help, you can always ask me." Starla grabbed the baby clothes and walked upstairs with Zac. "The room looks great!" she exclaimed as she stepped in the doorway.

"Thanks. It took almost all day to decorate it," Zac said. "I hope our baby likes pink."

"I'm sure she will. Especially if she grows up with it," Starla laughed.

"Yeah. Vanessa insisted on making everything for the baby pink, so yeah...she'll get used to it, I guess."


Later that night, Zac and Vanessa were lying in bed, Zac's arms fastened tightly around Vanessa and Vanessa's head resting on his chest.

"You know," Zac said, reaching down to rub Vanessa's baby bump, "I've been thinking, and I really like the name Eliza for our baby."

"You think we should name her that?"

"Yeah. That is, if you agree."

"Well earlier today your mom said something to me about liking the name Elizabeth, and Eliza is part of that, so I think it sounds perfect for the circumstances. But babe, I don't like the middle name Lucille you had picked out. Eliza is a beautiful name, but I want something plainer to go with it. Eliza Lucille just sounds like too much of a mouthful."

"What about Eliza Faith? Or Eliza Anne?"

"I like Eliza Grace," Vanessa decided after a few minutes of silence.

Zac considered for a moment. "Eliza Grace...I love it," he decided. "Then if you wanted to call her something more modern or if she didn't like having a classic name, some possible nicknames would be Elle, Ellie, Liz, Izzy, and Gracie."

"I like Elle for a nickname. It sounds sophisticated. But Ellie would be cute for when she's little, and I can see her future friends calling her Izzy. It's perfect."

"So we both agree on the name, then?"

Vanessa nodded. "Yes."

Zac kissed Vanessa's lips. "I can't wait to meet baby Eliza," he murmured, rubbing Vanessa's stomach again. "She's gonna be the most spoiled Daddy's girl ever."



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