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Second Chances: A Zanessa Story: Chapter 41

October 6, 2014

New York City, New York

"So how long are we here for again?" Vanessa queried as she folded one of tops and placed it in the dresser. She and Zac were in New York so that Zac could film the movie he had finally, after lots of consideration, decided to accept a role in.

"Three weeks," came Zac's response. "Then we fly out to Miami to film the rest of it."

"I guess we'll be here for your birthday, then?" After placing a spare sweatshirt in the drawer, Vanessa closed her empty suitcase and propped it against the wall.

"Yeah." Zac climbed onto the bed and, grabbing the remote control from the nightstand, turned the TV on. He and Vanessa had opted for a normal-sized room rather than a suite this time, since their trip to the city wasn't to be used for a vacation. It was still enough for them to live in for three weeks, though, as it had a king-size bed, a bathroom, a dressing area, two chairs and a table, a dresser, two nightstands, a TV, a coffee maker, a mini fridge, and a microwave.

"Babe, are we going anywhere tonight, or can I change into PJs?"

"Well, I was gonna run out to the store in a little while to get some bread and lunch meat and stuff, but you don't have to come. You can stay here and relax."

"Okay." Opening one of the dresser drawers, Vanessa picked out a pair of pajamas. After putting them on, she pulled her hair up into a messy bun, then got in bed beside Zac.

"Hey, cutie pie." Zac tucked the comforter around Vanessa's petite body and wrapped her in his arms.

Letting out a contented sigh, Vanessa rested her cheek on Zac's shoulder and put an arm around his waist. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Mrs. Efron." Zac smiled and kissed Vanessa's nose. A minute passed before he asked, "Do you wanna see if there's any good movies or anything on, baby girl?"


Zac unwound one of his arms from Vanessa to grab the remote. Flipping through the channels, he started to look through the onscreen guide. "The Vow is on, sweetheart. Wanna watch that?"

Vanessa nodded.

Zac pushed to go to the movie, then set the remote down so that he could hold Vanessa with both of his arms. "You're my beautiful girl," he murmured, pressing a kiss into her hair.

Smiling, Vanessa snuggled further into Zac and relaxed in his arms.


When the movie, which had already been half over by the time Zac and Vanessa had begun to watch it, was finished, Zac announced that he was going to go out to the grocery store to buy some food. "Do you want anything specific, angel?" he inquired as he slipped on some shoes and pulled a sweatshirt over his head.

"Could you get some blueberries?" Vanessa requested.

"Sure, baby girl. Anything else?"


"Alright, then. I'll be back soon." Zac kissed Vanessa good-bye before heading out the door of the hotel room. After arriving at the grocery store, which was just down the street, he grabbed a cart and entered the produce section. There he picked up the blueberries Vanessa had wanted along with a few apples. Once he was done with that, he picked up a pack of water bottles, granola bars, bread, ham lunch meat, cheese, trail mix, and paper plates. He quickly paid, then made his way back to the hotel. "Hey, Nessa," he greeted when he walked into his and Vanessa's room.

"Hey, babe." Vanessa was lying in bed, her iPhone in her hands.

"I got a bunch of food." Zac set down the twelve pack of water bottles he was carrying, then walked over to the table and placed his bag there. "I have blueberries, apples, cheese, bread, ham, granola bars, trail mix...and I also bought some paper plates." As he listed the items, he pulled them out of the bag.

"Sounds good." Vanessa placed her iPhone on the nightstand and sat up. "So I was just texting Stella."

"And what happened?" Zac questioned as he put the blueberries in the refrigerator.

"She said that my mom is still keeping in touch with Austin and his parents. And she thinks we're-meaning me and you-are spending too much time together."

"What the fuck?" Zac turned around to look at Vanessa. "We're married. We live together. What did she expect to happen? That we'd have a wedding, then each have our own house? Of course we're gonna be around each other all the time! She lives with your dad, doesn't she?"

"Yeah," Vanessa answered.

"Well then, what's her problem? I think the real problem would be if we didn't live in the same place and spend time together." Zac continued putting food away.

"I know. I guess she's just really angry that we got married. But still, I don't understand, either, why she's making a big deal out of us spending time together. It's not like we're always out in public. We just live in the same house, so we spend time there. It's not like we go walk around outside and call the paps to come take pictures of us."

"Exactly. I don't get what her problem is. And to be honest with you, Nessa, I'm not even sure why she hates me. She was the one who was being rude to you in my house on Christmas." As he finished organizing all the food, Zac stripped down to his boxers and slid into bed beside Vanessa.

"Are you ready to sleep?" asked Vanessa, laying back down and running her fingers through Zac's hair. It was, by this time, nearly midnight.

"Yeah. I'll get the light." Zac switched off the bedside lamp and pulled Vanessa close. "I would suggest having some sex before bed, but I'm too tired tonight."

"Me, too. Maybe we can try to have a round in the shower tomorrow morning or something," Vanessa suggested. She paused before saying, "Speaking of the morning, what time do you have to be on set?"

"Eight in the morning." Zac let out an exhausted sigh. "So if you wanna be naughty in the shower, you'll have to get up around six-thirty with me."

Vanessa giggled. "But I'll be able to go back to sleep after we're finished. She rubbed Zac's thick biceps and leaned in to kiss his lips.

"Well, it's all up to you, baby girl." Zac returned Vanessa's kiss, then closed his eyes.

"I'll see what I feel like doing in the morning," concluded Vanessa with a yawn.


October 7, 2014

Los Angeles, California

"What the fuck?" Austin exclaimed, watching as his son dropped down from a sitting position and began to slowly crawl across the beer-stained carpet of the living room.

"My baby's learning to crawl," came Nikki's proud response as she appeared around the corner with a dishtowel in her hand. She had just been washing the dishes from dinner.

"Aba ga goo!" Aukki babbled, continuing to move forward.

"What the hell? He's acting like a fucking retard!" Pulling his phone from his pocket, Austin logged into his Twitter app and wrote, "My son just learned to crawl. Check this out, he looks retarded." He snapped a photo of Aukki, then posted the tweet. Within a few minutes, people were replying with things like, "OMG no! He's so adorable! <3" and "He's not a retard; he's a cutie pie!"

Austin rolled his eyes at the replies, then tossed his phone aside and said, "Come here, Aukki. Let me hold you. I don't want you crawling." When Aukki ignored him, Austin walked up to him and, placing one arm under his stomach, lifted him up.

Aukki started to cry.

"Austin! You're hurting him!" Nikki cried. "Aww, come here, sweetie." She held out her arms and took Aukki, who was reaching for her. "Is Daddy a jerkface? Was Daddy being mean to you?" She kissed her son's forehead. "Here, let's go get some chocolate milk to make you feel better." She carried Aukki into the kitchen.

"You know, you need to stop spoiling the kid. He's gotta learn to be a tough guy, not a fat little crybaby."

"But he's an angel," Nikki protested. "He deserves the best treatment he can possibly be given." She handed Aukki a bottle of chocolate milk, then sat him on the floor so that she could finish washing dishes while he drank it.

"Well, I just don't like seeing the kid getting more attention than me. Ever since he was born, our sex life has had a huge decrease, and I'm pissed. If the kid is gonna prevent me from having fun, I'm gonna have to set some rules down. Something like you having to give me sex a minimum of four times a week. Because I can't handle this anymore."

"But sometimes I can't," Nikki explained. "You know that Aukki always hits his head on the wall in his sleep, then wakes up crying. It happens too often to be able to relax and enjoy sex four freaking times a week!" Due to the lack of room in the apartment, Aukki slept on the floor in the hall, just outside the bedroom.

"Who cares? Let him cry!" Austin shouted. "I told you a minute ago, he needs to learn to toughen up! And if you refuse to give me sex when I ask for it, I'll have to find some other girl to fuck. I've had my eye on Ashley Benson for a while..." He crossed his skinny arms over his chest.

"Fine. Go fuck her. I don't give a crap." Nikki slammed the dishtowel on the counter. "But just so you know, if you're gonna go out and sleep around, I won't stop myself from seeing other people, either." She cast Austin a death glare.

Austin shrugged off Nikki's warning and walked away.

This was only the start of tension in the Blonsky-Butler home.




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